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Honeycomb 350g

Honeycomb 350g

Bee Power
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Bee Power - Honeycomb - 350g

Naturally created hexagonal cells filled with golden honey, bees are simply amazing! Not only is honeycomb stunning to look at to look at, it can also be enjoyed as a delicious treat full of natural goodness.

Delicious Australian Honeycomb is suitable for every day use, from breakfast, to cooking. Raw Honeycomb makes a beautiful garnish to any dessert or cheese platter, pairs wonderfully with soft cheeses and antipasto platters. Produced from hives located in pristine, native Australian forests.

Can be eaten raw, or served with a cheese platter Not suitable for children under one year old.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship to WA due to quarantine restrictions.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honeycomb