Rice Crackle Chocolate Koalas  (12pk) 180g

Rice Crackle Chocolate Koalas (12pk) 180g

Sweet William
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Sweet William - Chocolate Mini Bars - 180g (12pk)

Sweet William Rice Crackle Chocolate Koalas is made from Sweet William Rice Crackle Chocolate. Each box comes in individually wrapped kola treats which is a perfect treat to add in your kids lunch boxes. These cute koala treats can also be shared on birthday parties and family events.

Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter (Non Dairy), Soy Flour, Cocoa Mass, Maize Maltodextrin, Puffed Rice (8%), Cocoa Powder, Chicory Fibre, Emulsifiers (Sunflower Lecithin, E476), Natural flavours.