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Wild-Crafted Rose Water 200ml

Wild-Crafted Rose Water 200ml

Nature's Shield
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Nature's Shield - Wild-Crafted Rose Water - 200ml

This alcohol-free rose water is valued for its heady aroma and natural mood-enhancing quality. It is prized for its skin-care, cosmetic and flavour properties.

The song of the rose is heard by the nose. One whiff of our rosewater calms and uplifts you. For cool, clear skin dab it on with a cotton pad or spritz it from the fridge.

Rose water's antibacterial, astringent and hydrating essence clears acne, smooths wrinkles and tightens pores.

It a youthful, radiant glow and soothes redness or sunburn like a Himalayan breeze.

Place rosewater dipped cotton pads over the eyes for brighter vision and no bags.

Spritz your pillow with a little rose water mixed with lavender essential oil to lull you into a deep sleep.

Splash on as aromatic aftershave.

Mixed with coconut oil and vanilla essence it's a tasty natural lubricant.

Rosewater lends a delicious floral flavour to sweet dishes, dairy, coconut and drinks.

Rose's aroma increases feelings of love, compassion and connection. Try a splash in your bath like Cleopatra who was said to have taken an aromatic wash using rose petals to help entice her lovers.

Ingredients: 100% Natural rose flower water.