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Plant Based Burger Patties 250g

Plant Based Burger Patties 250g

Byron Bay Burger
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Byron Bay Burger - Plant Based Burger Patties - 250g

When we set out to design the Byron Bay Burger we had a clear objective - create a plant-based, 100% vegan ethical burger that didn't compromise on taste, texture or ingredients. We wanted to create something that would appeal to vegans, vegetarians and red-blooded carnivores! It wasn't easy - we had to look all round the world to find the ingredients to make our burgers - but once you bite into one, we think you'll agree it was worth the effort!

Each burger patty contains 17g of plant protein and 2g of dietary fibre (twice as much as a conventional meat patty). But never mind the facts and figures. Let's just get those Byron Bay Burgers cooking and let them do their thing!!! As soon as you drop one of our amazing burger patties onto a hot grill you hear it starting to sizzle and release its delicious aromas - and the outside will soon brown and caramelise just like a proper burger should.

After a few minutes of sizzle time each side, pop it into your favourite bun (or - if you're super hungry, why not load the bun up with two patties!) and add a layer of tomatoes, onion, sliced avo, burger relish and mayo (preferably vegan!). It goes really well with wasabi mayo or garlic aioli. Then just chow down and enjoy with some chunky chips and a glass of your favourite tipple!

Ingredients: Water, Textured Soy Protein (Defatted Soy Flour, Caramel 150), Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Yeast Extract, Pea Protein, Vinegar Powder (2621i), Stabiliser (461), Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavouring, Salt, Fermented Sugar, Vinegar, Beetroot Powder.