Organic Bubs - Banana & Apricot Power Porridge 6m+ 120g

Organic Bubs - Banana & Apricot Power Porridge 6m+ 120g

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Organic Bubs - Banana & Apricot Power Porridge 4m+ 120g

Power punch with 4 grains, bananas and apricots. Suitable from 6+ Months
Give your bub something to smile about with this powerful punch of fruit combined with four ancient super grains: organic amaranth, flaxseed, brown rice and millet. Banana and apricot create a natural sweetness, while gluten-free amaranth provides a toasty flavour in this delicious ready-to-eat porridge that's perfect for crazy days and lazy days.
Together, we will help grow the next generation of joyful, happy & healthy children. We want to help parents provide the very best nutrition, so that they become Generation Joy.

Australian Made
· Certified organic baby food
· Free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives
· GMO free
· Nutrition integrity & safety guaranteed
· Food range suitable from 4 months

Not recommended for infants under 6 months. Do not use this product if the pouch appears unusually inflated with air. Keep cap out of reach of small children.

Banana 55%, porridge (water, brown rice, millet, flaxseed, amaranth) 30%, apple 10%, apricot 5%

All ingredients are organic