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Buckwheat Cakes - Original 220g

Buckwheat Cakes - Original 220g

Eat To Live
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Eat To Live - Buckwheat Cakes - Original - 220g

The moment everyone has been waiting for, new Australian made Buckwheat Cakes are finally here!

Our Buckwheat Cakes used to be made in Ukraine for us. Due to the war in Ukraine, we were unable to get any stock, unfortunately. Our lovely customers have been asking about buckwheat cakes almost every single day. And we, a small Aussie business, have decided to take a big risk and set up our own manufacturing facility here in Northern NSW, Australia. It has not been easy but we are very happy with the outcome and can't wait for you to try them! They are full of goodness, freshly made, and EXTRA crunchy!

We have stayed true to our values:

  • minimal ingredients
  • 100% gluten free
  • high quality organic buckwheat
  • healthy and delicious bread alternative
  • made with lots of care and love

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat, Sea Salt. (Gluten Free)