Funday Natural Sweets

No sugar added, 100% tasty. Deliciously natural lollies packed with gut-loving goodies, no sugar added & no sugar alcohols.

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At FUNDAY, we’ve found the sweet spot. Enjoy the no-sugar-added, good for you lollies you’ve been longing for! Treat yo-self to 100% natural lollies that are packed with real fruity flavour. Our low sugar lollies are full of prebiotic goodness with up to 91% less sugar than traditional lollies. Made with no sugar added or sugar alcohols (that’s right - zilch!) we’ve made all our lollies with nothing but the sweet stuff. 

We’ve crafted a range of deliciously healthy lollies for every sweet tooth. From gluten-free lollies, delicious vegan lollies - there’s a lolly for everyone to enjoy!  Our delicious range of natural sweets come in a variety of fruity flavours and textures for everyone to joy. Like sour lollies? Enjoy our sour gummy bears and sour peach hearts! Are ya team sweet? Treat yo-self to our fruity gummy snakes, raspberry frogs or fruity gummy bears! Like em’ all? Shop all!